Hospital diaries…

A polite note from the Blog’s Intern

Email: Can the author share an experience from surgery? (Canada)

Author’s message:

Physiotherapist: How do you rate the pain on a scale of 0-10?

Me: Hmm, how much is 10? No clue! What? 6-7-8? An average is best – it’s 7…

Physiotherapist: Pop in pain-killers. Now, I will wiggle your toes. You’ll feel a little tug. Stretched, pulled my bandaged leg like a piece of dead log, with ruthless precision. Terrible tricks! How does that make you feel?

Me: 9.99. Traumatic. Tears. Thought laughter was the best therapy? Not ‘humerous’!

Night time: Patient missing alarm. 

Me: Hop, hop, hip, hop to the end of the corridor. Wibble, wobble. Penguin walk. Stuck. Frozen in fear. No movement. 

Security: Dragged, lifted me back to the room. Tucked in.

Me: OK, stay in the moment. Breathe. Have faith honey, hang in there! Slow down. It’ll be okay. Just ‘B+++’…

Lights off….


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