Expedition deep ocean…

We have explored every continent on earth, climbed tallest mountains, gone into space. But, one of the largest areas of our planet remains a unique mystery. Our deep oceans. Over 36,000 feet deep, impossible to reach. Till, technological innovations, engineering break-throughs, teams of engineers, scientists led by explorer Victor Vescovo brought together an audacious global quest to dive to the deepest points of all 5 oceans for the 1st time in history.

Expedition Deep Ocean – Amazon

Expedition Deep Ocean shares the exploration of most mysterious places – Titanic wreck, Hadal Zone. Hidden under-water landscapes, previously unknown life forms to piece together how life exists in our deep oceans.

Team designed the most advanced deep diving submersible able to withstand ocean’s pressure on the sub of 8 tons per square inch, equivalent to 292 fuelled & fully loaded 747s stacked on top. Marvellous, other-worldly life found in our ocean’s 5 deepest trenches. Studies sea mounts that cause tsunamis, shifts in tectonic plates. Filled with adventure, the thrill of discovery to celebrate passion, courage, ingenuity, the beautiful majesty & awe-inspiring importance of our deep oceans.


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