Lead from the future…

Email: Recommend a business book on leadership, gift for cousin’s new job. (Kenya)

Recently, read a good one. We know a visionary leader when we meet one. They’re brilliant, prophetic yet pragmatic. Promote growth, drive it.

Lead From The Future – Amazon

In Lead from the Future, Innosight’s Mark Johnson & Josh Suskewicz introduce a new way of managing called “future-back” that enables a manager to become a practical visionary. Addresses barriers in established organisations, presents a systematic approach to overcome:

  • Principles, mind-sets that allow leaders to look beyond short-term planning
  • Method to turn emerging challenges into growth opportunities for the future
  • Step-by-step approach for translating vision into an aligned strategic plan
  • Ways to ensure visionary thinking becomes a repeatable organisational capability

Motivating & inspiring – Lead from the Future.


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