Empowering rural women…

USHA Silai School started by USHA India is a community based initiative with the aim of skilling rural women & empowering them to become entrepreneurs. Women are taught stitching & sewing skills to help them earn a livelihood. USHA in partnership with NGOs has trained more than 6 million rural women across India, Nepal, Bhutan & Sri Lanka.

Adopt A Silai School – Empower Rural Women

Silai Schools train women from rural communities in sewing, tailoring & repairing machines. These women are given a sewing machine, a syllabus. They’re encouraged to teach other women in the art of sewing. They work with women in remote villages by helping them develop their inherent potential to bring a holistic development for society. If we want to be a part of this amazing journey, we can adopt a Silai School.


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