A diary…

Email: Is keeping a diary a good form of self-expression? (Indonesia)

Absolutely. A diary plays many roles. A confidant, a vehicle for unfiltered self expression, a tool to facilitate clarity of thought, a repository of dreams! A powerful source of comfort, encouragement during challenging periods. Words – days, weeks, months later can offer uniquely soothing re-assurances. It reflects the immediacy of life, a timeline to return to. Emotions & thoughts felt in a single moment are preserved, giving us the means to recapture those ideas, insights, imaginations in any place, at any time. 

It does offer creative possibilities, plenty of learnings, inspiration, self-awareness. Sometimes, we may find natural strength in the pages when we felt proud of our achievements or re-live nostalgic memories of special, beautiful moments. Our re-collections create a positive, playful feedback loop.


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