Email: Work in a theatre production, job is at risk. Worried. (US)

Empathetic. Worry is fully understandable. Sometimes, we do feel we are less in control of circumstances than we would like to be. But, we may want to use belief, endurance, persistence to our advantage. A belief we are no less skilful, talented or capable. A positive outlook, energy helps propel us past barriers. It keeps us going, even when situations seem challenging. As long as we persist, we keep ourself in the realm of possibilities.

Feel free to go with the flow, right now. Free to be objective, creative, resilient because we aren’t so attached to what we would like the results to be, in the current job scenario. Practice self-compassion, self-care. Patiently explore, share, seek all potential avenues for guidance & help (emotional, financial, familial). Reaching out for support is a sign of great strength. Good luck!


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