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Email: Confused about career development in a tough Covid work environment. (US)

Empathetic. A few humble thoughts. Despite negative economic forecasts, empowering ourselves to take ownership of our career can continue. When leveraged thoughtfully, today’s unique circumstances can present real opportunities for growth & leadership. A chance to think strategically about what our ideal role may look like. It’s OK to pause, re-assess our professional goals, develop a realistic plan for achieving them.

Conducting thorough research about potential career choices is an essential element of proactive career management. Our goal can be to identify industries that are poised for future growth. We can research backgrounds & skills those sectors will need. Digital networking is still possible in a time of social distancing. We can maximise profile visibility on professional platforms like Linkedin. Taking online classes can be an excellent way to acquire new capabilities. There’s an amazing array of virtual programs from certificates in specific technologies to entire management degree programs. Maintaining a positive attitude, a steady momentum just by taking a few small steps can pay dividends down the road.


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