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Email: Dad’s 70th birthday. Loves books, photography. (Japan)

Happy Birthday!

We are all photographers now with camera phones in hand & social media accounts at fingertips. We know which pictures we like. But, what makes a “good picture?” From portraits to products, Good Pictures proves the history of photography is a history of evolving styles & forms.

Good Pictures – Amazon

Kim Beil uncovers the origins of 50 photographic trends. Investigates their original appeal, their decline, their re-use by later generations. Draws on a wealth of visual materials, from vintage manuals to latest magazine articles. Illustrates new trends with 100’s of pictures made by amateurs, artists, commercial photographers. Whether for selfies or sepia tones, the rules for good pictures are always shifting, reflecting new ways of creative thinking about ourselves, our place in the vibrant visual world.


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