Muchu Chhish…

Email: Fiancés birthday. Loves mountain climbing, snow. (N. Zealand)

Happy Birthday!

It’s not the world’s highest mountain, nor is it the hardest one to climb. Muchu Chhish – 7,453 meter lump of glacier-flanked rock & ice tucked in a remote valley of northern Pakistan’s Karakoram Range (home to bigger, badder 8,000 meter A-listers like K2, Gasherbrum I & II). The latest holy grail of Himalayan mountain tops. Among all the numberless, nameless mountains that have yet to see a human foot or flag.

Muchu Chhish has foiled all attempts by sporadic expeditions to reach it’s elusive crest. Another Asian peak, 7,570-meter Gangkhar Puensum, remains the highest unclimbed mountain on Earth at present. Located in Bhutan means this off-limits summit is respectfully withdrawn from contention. There’s plenty of great unclimbed peaks out there. Challenges of climbing Muchu Chhish are still unknown.


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