Chasing clouds…

Email: A mindful tool to manage mental health in life’s current chaos? (US)

A humble perspective. The only activity I did today – chasing clouds at sunrise! Refers to a mental state that appears to be drifting rather than concentrating. A wonderful meditation tool that reminds of the transient nature of challenges. Whether puffy & white, tinted with colours of dawn or shades of dusk, the vaporous sky reminds us of so many things about life.

Looking upwards to the skies, we direct our thoughts to endless expanses, a state of flow. Feel our spirits expand to reach beyond any seeming limitations. Free to unleash our child-like imagination, curiosity. I chose to merely drift along, watched their distanced perspective on our world. Looked for creative clues in fantastical shapes to feel the wonder.

However we interact with clouds, we do so from a peaceful place. Clouds drift above the hustle of our world, knowing they belong to another realm that can’t be affected by it’s frenzy. A vision beyond the ordinary, the mundane. Like life’s difficulties, clouds change shapes revealing the strength of the shining sun, the sparkling light of twinkling stars, the magical mystery of the moon.

When a ray of light breaks through dark clouds, this dramatic luminous filtering only makes our world more beautiful. Just as we can shine more brightly, compassionately in the midst of life’s chaos. Many secret messages hidden in cotton balls!


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