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Email: Post Covid, will we be able to work from home forever? (US)

Guess, we could. Tech giants like Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Fujitsu announced they’ll offer staff the option to work from home permanently. Covid-19 has brought a mindset shift that allows people to view remote work as the new normal rather than an occasional opportunity. Most client meetings, kick-offs, project meetings can effectively be conducted via tools like Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Slack, other virtual mobile solutions. Corporations can save on lease, electric & water bills, admin costs.

But, some fear losing vital communication skills, wonder whether they can be as successful professionally as they would be at an office? Face-to-face interaction is vital to win new business, build strategic partnerships. On the flip side, remote work could potentially open up new opportunities in a virtual marketplace. We could connect, collaborate on fresh ideas, engage teams creatively, take better care of families in parallel.

Whatever, there won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. A hybrid model where we could balance quality time working efficiently from home & common spaces can become a viable model. This would support emotional interactions, avoid video fatigue & wifi blips. I’m objectively curious to see where the waves settle & what becomes the new normal. Think, we can’t unlearn the lessons of Covid.


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  1. The pandemic has shuffled the world business perspective. Global reach is virtual, technology innovation, digital presence in all fields.. it is a new world. We do learn to accommodate. It is strange but true. WFH has its pros n cons as going to office had, changing situations have taught us to accept n move ahead
    Life style, market, banking system, every aspect of the economy has undergone drastic changes.

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