Remote working…

Email: Is remote working here to stay? How can we improve team’s efficiency? (Spain)

A humble perspective. Remote work is here to stay. Yet, leading remote teams isn’t as straightforward or simple as we may imagine. Successfully managing a remote team needs a creative mix of fundamentals & out of the box thinking. Effective digital communications, remote management tools make remote working possible & practical.

Some techniques for managing an in-person team translate fairly easily to managing a remote team like weekly 1-1 check-ins. Worth trying out less traditional management techniques. E.g. if we closely follow daily workflows, focus on results instead of activities. Breaking down tasks into smaller, frequent deliverables helps track progress. If team’s struggling to stay motivated, consider increasing check-ins. Create chat rooms where teams can socialise. Video-call fatigue? Set aside meeting free times. Team’s missing key deliverables, deadlines? Address performance issues proactively. Allow space for unexpected challenges. Empowering teams to share ensures all voices are heard. Clearly define, share strategies & plans.

Invest in relationships (team, stakeholders, customers). Help teams understand the purpose, how goals are generated, communicated, prioritised, monitored. Lead with empathy & compassion. Finally, we can acknowledge effort, reward success, celebrate innovation, make teams feel appreciated. Recognition of milestones go a long way to boost confidence, trust, morale.


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