Q: How much time does the author spend on the blog, regularly? (US)

A: Approx 1-1.5 hours each day. Time is spent on response to emails, visualisations, prioritisations & creation of content.

Q: Ways to improve blog engagement, number of visitors? (Australia)

A: There’s no perfect answer. Ultimately, we want to focus on creative expressions. To be there for readers, to go that extra mile. Dedication to blog is a long-term play, passion. Usually, no short-cuts to success. Important to have realistic expectations & a basic content plan.

Q: Has the blog used SEO keywords to increase traffic? (Malaysia)

A: No. Blog has’nt used digital marketing tools like SEO, advertising. Just a humble, organic growth. Blog’s facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/My-Passionblog-116941926775651/

Q: Write a travel & lifestyle blog. Tips for content? (Germany)

A: Guess, for hyper-specific topics, become the go to expert on that topic. Ideally, write on topics people are searching for by using keyword research tools to generate ideas. Tackle best performing topics, content at similar blogs. Write unique articles worth referencing. Good writing creates effortless reading.


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