Missing the tranquil, trick or treat autumn. The gorgeous gold & scarlet seasonal shift. Daylight waxing & waning, sometimes extravagantly, often subtly. Ancient cultures created artful explanations for never-ending transitions from spring to summer, autumn to winter. Navajo Indians believed seasons were caused by Estsanatlehi, wife of the Sun God. Estsanatlehi renewed herself each spring, blossomed in summer, aged through autumn, died in winter to be humbly re-born in spring.

4 seasons are associated with our eternal cycle of life. In each season there’s a prevalent natural balance, mood that inspires reflection, re-generation, rejoicing. Autumn ushers in crisp, chilly mornings & evenings, elegant twirling of falling leaves, camp-fires. Winter creates a bare, luminous landscape bathed in the glowing, pure light of the sun, snow & fire-places. Spring, a time of budding dreams, fresh flora & fauna. Summer is beautiful bright days with vibrant adventures, blooming of fragrant, colourful flowers.

Like changing seasons, we can spot our own symbolic springs, summers, autumns, winters. Positively, passionately, peacefully embracing the sensations each season awakens. As we welcome autumn, breathe in the last perfumes of summer’s flowers.


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