Water positive…

Water is essential to life. While water is plentiful covering 70% of Earth’s surface, 97% is saline. Unfit to drink or use for crops. Our world’s fresh water is not equally distributed or accessible. Found disproportionately in places where people don’t live. Humanity has depleted availability of freshwater at a rate of 4.3 trillion cubic meters each year, majority of which goes to agricultural & industrial use.

United Nations Water2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Climate change is intensifying water shortage. U.N. estimates 1 in 4 people will live in a country affected by chronic shortage of freshwater by 2050. World Bank – climate induced reduction in freshwater supply coupled with increased demand will reduce availability by 66% in 2050.

Microsoft’s Pledge & Strategy – Water Positive

By 2030, Microsoft has vowed to be water positive. Will replenish more water than it consumes. A wonderful, thoughtful, practical initiative. Hope more businesses pledge active support, take measurable actions to protect our nature’s precious assets.


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