Email: Dad’s working 3 jobs. No time for sister & me. We hide & cry. (US)

Hey D, S,

Really touched by your sweet, heartfelt note. Empathetic. Very brave of you to reach out, just 15. Great to know both of you love animals & the NBA, as well. As you’re aware, we’re facing unprecedented times, tough challenges both personally, professionally due to Covid-19. Right now, just trust, support dad’s decisions, go with the flow. Think, he’s trying his best to protect, provide for the family.

Communicate with parents, share thoughts whichever way possible – talk, text, scribble, sing, paint, draw, make a video, write an old-fashioned letter! Alternatively, speak with family members like grand-parents, teachers, school counsellors. Ensures you’re well understood for a joyous outcome. Usually, parents are happy to make simple re-adjustments, re-prioritisations.

Sometimes, it’s absolutely OK to cry, to feel sad. Perfectly natural. I do exactly the same when feeling unhappy! But, when it rains, we look for the rainbows, when it’s dark, we look for the stars! Keep smiling…


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