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Email: Are there specific daily habits to boost creativity? (Kenya)

A humble perspective. We aren’t born with an ability to create. Creativity is consciously acquired, polished, nurtured. We may think creative people just need freedom, no schedules. But, some structure actually helps. A structured chaos in the mind. Pencil in some creative time each day. Opens up energy, effort to dream, imagine, visualise, discover. Creativity needs patience, perseverance. Hence, self-belief is key as the ratio of creative expectation vs success can be as low as 80:20. Daily positive affirmations, passion pursuits help overcome critical self-talk.

We can find time to consume content that sparks curiosity. Consuming what other’s create can offer inspiration, stimulation (art, music, poetry etc). We can perceive their creativity through the lens of our own experiences, interpretations. Often, we can put our own unique stamps on definitions of creation through natural self-expressions.  

Reflecting, learning, listening, questioning, experimenting with an innocent sense of wonder are pre-requisites to creation. Curiosity is the main source of invention. Reflective free-flow journaling is an effective tool to understand daily observations, aspirations. Helps to intuitively feel motivated, intentional about creativity.


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