Save birds…

There are 18,000 species of birds at risk of extinction. Roughly 12% are critically endangered. Worst classification before extinct in the wild.

The Kakapo or Owl Parrot is a critically endangered bird endemic to New Zealand. An oceanic island-dwelling flightless bird. Sadly, only 142 are left in the wild. Mariana Fruit Dove is an endangered bird native to Guam, Northern Marianas Islands. Residing in New Zealand, Kiwis are flightless birds, vulnerable, 1,500 left in the wild. The Hooded Grebe is native to Chilean, Argentinian Patagonia. Has earned a spot as critically endangered. Ultramarine Lorikeets live on Marquesas Islands off west coast of Mexico. Critically endangered.

Snowy Owl is vulnerable. Primarily lives north of 60° latitude line. Great Curassow is a large bird known for a lingering whistle-call. Native to rainforests of Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador. Now, vulnerableCalifornia condor is critically endangered, only 44 left in the wild. African Grey Parrot is a majestic, endangered bird. Northern Bald Ibis lives off west coast of Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Northern Africa. 500 birds in the wild, endangered. White-rumped Vultures, critically endangered. Regent Honeyeater is native to SE Australia, critically endangered

These beautiful birds & 1000’s of species are critical to bio-diversity on earth. Let’s actively support organisations that work tirelessly to counter constant threats to their natural habitat, illegal pet trade, global warming.


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