Q: Does author plan, structure, organise before publishing on blog? (US)

A: For bloggers, there’s no set way of writing or standardised precedents to follow. Author has a spontaneous, intuitive style of expression. Sorting, prioritising of creative thoughts happens naturally in the mind.

Q: Blog is such a happy place. Seems unusual. (Indonesia)

A: Author’s intentional effort, expectation is to ensure the blog brings a smile, adds value. Ethos is passionate, purposeful, playful, peaceful. There’s already so much pain, discomfort, dissatisfaction around. A little positive energy, vibe may help.

Q: What has the author planned next? (Philippines)

A: Blog will launch a small, simple shopping experience in Sept 20. Curated art & crafts, healing crystals, scented candles, essential oils, ethnic wear, stone jewellery. Sales will be shared with supported charities.


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