The future of the mind…

Most fascinating, complex object in our known universe: human brain. Secrets of the living brain are revealed by a battery of high-tech brain scans. What was once solely the province of science fiction is a startling reality. Recording memories, video-taping dreams, avatars are not only possible, they already exist. 

The Future of the Mind gives a compelling look at astonishing research in top labs based on latest advancements in neurosciences, physics. Soon, we may have smart chips that enhance cognition, upload our brain data into computers, transmit thoughts & emotions to a ‘brain-net’, control robots, share consciousness across the universe. 

The Future Of The Mind – Amazon

Dr. Kaku shares how our brain functions, how new technologies will transform daily lives? An extraordinary exploration of the frontiers of neuroscience, physics to harness an unbelievable, creative potential.


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