In the red…

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A million species could face extinction within decades, while we’re grappling with the urgency of what it means to lose species, bio-diversity on such a massive scale. 

IUCN Red List – Threatened Species

75% of our terrestrial environment, 66% of our marine environment has been significantly altered by humans. 85% of wet-lands have been lost by 2000. 33% of reef forming corals, sharks, marine mammals, 40% of amphibians are threatened with extinction.

Next species to go extinct may be a snail in Hawaii, a tree in New Zealand, a grass-hopper in Africa, a frog in Amazon, a bee that pollinates tomatoes, a bald-headed eagle soaring in skies, a mangrove forest that stops floods, our favourite wild cat.

We can think globally, act sensitively, understand bio-diversity & carbon footprint impact, support green non-profit’s that protect plants & animals, practice responsible tourism, raise awareness in communities. Small efforts can make a big difference!


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