Blooming flowers…

Email: Sister’s birthday. Loves reading, flowers. (Philippines)

Happy Birthday!

Summer-time. Blooming Flowers. An evocative, richly illustrated exploration of flowers. How they’ve given us so much sustenance, stimulation, pleasure.

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Bright yellow of a marigold, cheerful red of a geranium, beautiful fragrance of a lotus, a saffron-infused paella, there’s no end of reasons to love flowers. Kasia Boddy looks at the wealth of floral associations in perfumes, poems, paintings, in designs of buildings, clothes, jewellery, in songs, shows, names, social rituals.

Exploring 1st daffodils of spring, last chrysanthemums of autumn, a book about seasons. In vibrant detail draws on a rich array of natural visualisations. Considers how the sunflower, poppy, rose, lily, lotus have given meaning, value, inspiration always.



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