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Shows for design, architecture lovers & for ones wanting to re-model interiors.

Abstract: The Art of Design

Produced by Oscar-winning Morgan Neville, architects & designers open doors to their studios. Tinker Hatfield’s Nike sneakers, Olafur Eliasson’s immersive installations, Neri Oxman’s environmental designs. An in-depth insight into creative processes.

Abstract: Art Of Design – Netflix

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Tree-perched cabins, underground houses, automated homes are among surprising constructions discovered by Piers TaylorCaroline Quentin. Duo visit remarkable houses studying their construction, function, how they blend into environment.

World Most Extraordinary Homes – Netflix

Tiny House Nation

Promotes pragmatic designs where each part of the house is reduced to bare necessities. Zack GiffinJohn Weisbarth guide families into new ways of life by giving advice on how to build, conceive economically-friendly homes.

Tiny House Nation – Netflix

Stay Here

Designer Genevieve GorderPeter Lorimer travel around the US helping home-owners renovate homes. The final goal? To rent out properties. A brownstone in Brooklyn, a canal-boat in Seattle, a historic firehouse, a cottage tucked away in wine country.

Stay here – Netflix

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