200 Malayan Tigers…

In 1950s, 3,000 Malayan tigers freely walked in forests. Only 200 are left. Biggest threat to Malaysian tiger conservation is poaching. Poachers from Indo-china, assisted by locals hunt Malayan tigers due to the high demand for body parts to be used in traditional Chinese medicine. Last year, Chinese government reversed a 25 year old ban on trade in tiger bones for traditional medicine.
Malayan tiger is classified as critically endangered. An area in need of immediate attention – Belum-Temengor Jungle. Only 23 tigers left. 5 years ago there were 60. A decline in prey also contributes to lower tiger numbers. Patrol teams are primarily untrained, unarmed people from local indigenous communities. Mainly tasked to remove snares, collect data on poaching. Hope Malaysian government sets up a sophisticated National Tiger Task-force with surveillance technology, protection plans before it’s too late.

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