Beautiful lakes…

From tiny grass-lined ponds to massive freshwater expanses easily mistaken for oceans – some lacs, lagos, lochs stand out more than others! Display waters most alluring qualities. Mesmerising ripples, mirror-like reflections, crystalline clarity, serenity. 

Dead Sea (Jordan) – lowest elevation at 423 meters below sea level. High concentration of salt in water, buoyancy so strong one can’t swim underwater.

Plitvice Lake (Croatia) – Plitvice National Park in Croatia. Spectacular display of colours from azure to green, grey to blue. Magical, marvellous.

Lake Brienz (Switzerland)unbelievably blue, turquoise, green waters. Exotic, laced with picturesque Swiss villages.

Pangong Lake (India) – sparkling blue in the Himalayas. Sublime beauty, crystal waters, gentle hills. Ethereal.

Manasarovar Lake (China) – high altitude fresh water. Mystical, Lake of Nirvana!

Lake Baikal (Siberia) – rift lake formed by continental crust being pulled apart. Deepest lake. Gorgeous natural beauty.

Lake Como (Italy) – stroll amid palm trees, blooming rhododendrons while admiring snow-capped mountains. Exquisite.

Maligne Lake (Canada) – stunning landscape, perfect foreground pines, majestically jagged background mountains, cornflower blue Alberta skies. 

Dove Lake (Tasmania) – serene lake, home to fabled Tasmanian Devil, cuddly wallabies, wombats, scenic day hikes. Enthralling.

Five-Flower Lake (China) – most beautiful lake in Jiuzhaigou National Park. Clear turquoise waters with a tinge of red, yellow, green, blue.

Lake Lucerne (Switzerland) – water flowing into lake passes beneath 13th-century Chapel Bridge. A stupendous panorama with Mt. Rigi, Eiger, Jungfrau, Mt. Pilatus.

Lake Titicaca (Peru) – laced with incredible Inca ruins, beauty beyond words. 

Lake District (UK) – striking summer playground. Wonderful hikes, strolls, sailing.

Lake Tahoe (USA) –  beautiful ski resort with lovely slopes. Heavenly, crystal-clear alpine water. Vibrant viewpoint at Emerald Bay.

Pehoe Lake (Chile) – magnificent. Backed by beauty of Torres Del Paine range, saturated with shades of lavender at sunrise, tangerine at sunset. 

Lake Atitlan (Guatemala) – mystical body of water fringed by volcanoes, Mayan villages. Combo of intense volcanic lineage, serene ambience.

Lake Superior (USA) – impressive sandstone cliffs, sand dunes, beaches, waterfalls. Most beautiful of 5 ‘Great Lakes’. 

Lake Wakatipu (New Zealand) – flowing through gorgeous, jagged peaks. Crazy adventures like bungee jumping, jet-boating, zorbing!

Lake Kawaguchi (Japan) – immortalised, iconic Mt. Fuji is perfectly reflected in the stillness, shimmering of crystalline waters.


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