Email: Tired of carrying current stress, burdens. Feel good just for a moment? (US)

We all know the feeling of walking through life as if we’re carrying burdens of stress, struggles. Like spinning in the proverbial washing machine! Longing to lay it down. Just imagining it’s possible is enough to elicit a sigh of relief, a feeling of lightness.

Human mind is a powerful tool. Imagine laying our burdens down before whatever we believe in – angels, nature, wise teachers. No matter how smart we are, how capable we are, how hard we work, no one can single-handedly cope with all the stress we tend to take on in the course of our lives. We aren’t naturally designed to do so. Share, seek support. Relax, rejuvenate. Feel, flow in the moment. Our well being depends on ability to compassionately, patiently balance that which we can’t fully carry by ourselves.

Leaves on a stream

Sharing a simple visualisation. Imagine carrying burdens to something much bigger than ourselves. Envision an all powerful, supremely comforting being in whatever form that takes. See self carrying a large sack full of stress inside. Lay it down humbly, gracefully before it, release. Express gratitude, surrender. Always amazed by how this brings peace, strength, hope, motivation in the moment. 



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