July stargazing…

Lovely evening temperatures combined with a ton of night-sky activity make July a great month to be lying under the stars. Stargazing events worth checking out in July!

July 4 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

A slight darkening of the moon as opposed to coppery beauty of total lunar eclipse. Eclipse starts at 11:07pm EST. Alive for 2 hours, 45 minutes. 

July 8 – Venus Shines Brightest

“Morning Star” will reach greatest brightness. Super shine at magnitude of -4.5.

July 11 – Mars & Moon Get Together

The Red Planet has a close approach with waning gibbous moon. Duo will rise together at midnight EST. Viewed best through a telescope.

July 14 – Jupiter Flexes

Jupiter will reach opposition. Big & bright in Earth’s sky, in line with Earth & Sun. 

July 20 – Saturn Reaches Brightest Night

Saturn’s turn to hit opposition, brightest night of the year with the ringed planet.

July 28 – Delta Aquarid Meteor Showers

Delta Aquarids produce 20 meteors per hour. Pick a dark location for best views. Make a wish on shooting stars…



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