Basque cuisine…

Basque cuisine is an exciting exploration of just how far wood, smoke & flame can go as a cooking technique. Expertly harnessed & applied to finest, fresh ingredients. 

Gastronomy Gems

Asador Etxebarri is almost perfect. A mythical place for food lovers, a beautiful blend of tradition & innovation. Setting is flawless. Axpe, a tiny Basque village with green pastures, rugged, mist-shrouded mountains. Restaurant is an old stone farmhouse by a church where bells peal, tendrils of smoke waft from chimney’s into cold air.

Txuleta at Etxebarri: rib-eye or sirloin steak, grilled over coals, served rare on the bone. A classic Basque obsession. Caviar, tiny orbs of black roe warmed high above the embers. Burrata made with buffalo milk, gently smoked in wood ovens. Blushing scarlet prawns steamed in it’s shell.

Self-taught chef Bittor Arguinzoniz tinkers away in his rural hideout perfecting the Basque art of asador, a wood-fired grill. Fire. Passion. An indelible link between the two, most evident in Basque asadores.


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