The sea…

Seaside, sunrise stroll. Thoughts on the rocks! Wish I could see underneath the surface – all that’s living, all that’s mysterious, all that’s tranquil. In nature, there’s so much we can see. So much more wonder we just can’t see.

Our breath exists, keeps us alive even though we can’t see. The wind exists, but we know only because we feel it on our skin, hear it ruffling leaves on trees. A ladybug sees the leaf, not the tree. One under the tree may not see the ladybug. Still, they blend in natural balance, brilliance.

Think, a curious mind, a playful spirit & a flowing heart sensitively tunes into wonderful realms in nature. Staying still in the moment. Visualising, imagining. Naturally, effortlessly.

Keen to go scuba diving to see the incredible beauty, colour, radiance under-water. Such a humbling, regenerating, mesmerising experience. Like a treasure hunt…



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