Email: Jobless & sad. Worried with tough thoughts? (Brazil)

Empathetic. A humble perspective. The 1st time I learnt that the lotus grows out of mud, I was shocked. How could something so beautiful, radiant be born out of mud? 

But, there’s potential, experience in the mud. Acknowledging there’s mud builds balance, resilience. A necessary catalyst. Acceptance is key, stay in the moment. Allow. Take a good look at the mud (stress, worries) with self-compassion, self-love, self-care.

Share, seek support. Fail. Reflect. Relax. Learn. Listen. Create. Discover. Set positive intentions, hopeful affirmations. When we’re in the mud, something wonderful may evolve. Believe. When the lotus blooms, it will bring inspiration, energy, peace, joy, success.


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