Natural homes…

Email: Cousin’s birthday. Loves modern art, architecture. (Spain)

Happy Birthday!

Collecting great modern architecture is a passion for Christian Bourdais. French art connoisseur is transforming huge expanses of wilderness in Spain, border between Aragona & Catalonia to build spectacular homes.

2 of these ‘Solo Houses’ have been built: Casa Solo Pezo, a large concrete square & Solo Circle, a cosmic 45-meter-wide ring. Both are open-air & light. Generous, genuine in terms of real life experiences. An ultimate adventure of light & sensation. Nature is everywhere, in every small detail. Liquid stone with exciting contours!

Beautiful homes will emerge from this land of olive trees, green oaks, red rocks. Christian Bourdais: “Today, builders have killed architecture. For commercial, technical reasons they’ve lost capacity to create fresh architecture. This is why I’ve created new concepts, sacred spaces for contemporary creativity, imaginative architectures, natural atmospheres. Unusual, eco-friendly with a life of it’s own”.


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