Beyond text books…

Email: An important life skill for kids? How can we encourage? (Pakistan)

A humble idea. Should kids be taught to code? Be fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, English? These are great, but not enough if we want kids to have flexible minds to readily absorb abstract information, respond to complex challenges, invent stuff.

In adult life, we deal with questions more complicated than ones in school books. Kids need an opportunity to grapple with complex queries without a clear A/B answer.

At school, teachers ask what is climate change? A quick web search answers. Better questions – how exactly does X cause climate change? Why bother? How will climate change affect people living in country X? Go beyond bare facts! Pushes priorities, perspectives, plans, purpose, practicality, playfulness. Essential elements for problem-solving, self-discovery, belief in abilities.

How can we solve cause X of climate change? Requires kids to synthesise knowledge. Nudges to find creative approaches, consequences. Basically, teach kids to think critically, curiously. A consolidated independent learning approach.


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