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Email: Sister’s 16th birthday. Loves school, social media, jokes. (Spain)

Happy Birthday!

Types of friends in an examination hall:

1. Mr/Miss Experts

Class toppers. Teachers go to them when in doubt or can’t solve problems. Answer out of syllabus questions!

2. The Indecisive Ones

Even though they know 2 + 3 is 5, check on the calculator twice, just to be sure!

3. The Confused Souls

Ones who wonder why everyone brought a calculator to an english exam? Reality hits when they see the question paper: accountancy test!

4. The Snakes

Each time friends says, “I haven’t even started studying, surely going to fail”. But, well prepared. While we’re struggling to fill the 1st sheet, they’re on 3rd, asking for more!

5. The We-Will-Not-Discuss-The-Paper 

Once exam is over, they won’t discuss anything. Probably, the coolest people! Believe in what’s done is done.

6. The Artists

Always a few who explain each answer with aesthetic flow charts. Use blue, black sketch pens. Answer sheets look more beautiful than our lives?!

7. The Peeping Tom’s

Peeping into friend’s papers with innocent rolling eyes!

8. The Lost Ones

When friends discuss 3rd page’s last question, they go blank. “There was something printed on 3rd page? OMG”

9. The Pretenders

Say they’ve been studying for 8 hours when in reality watching Netflix, chatting!

10. The Braggers

Ones who say they did extremely well but results show otherwise!


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