Connecting with nature…

Natural world is all around. Even if we live in busy cities, there’s life in cracks on pavements, weeds in wastelands. Communicating with nature is easy. 

Can connect with wildlife, plants, streams, seas by understanding the concept of oneness. Every living thing comes from same source energy. One with all other living things. Once we understand the inter-connectedness of natural world, have a conversation of sorts. Oneness is knowing all life is one, part of the same incredible diversity. If any aspect of one is threatened, then because all is one, one & all is threatened.

Communicating with nature is innocent, enjoyable, uplifting, life-affirming. Illuminates intuitive, imaginative insights. Today, chose a peaceful natural setting. Connected with natural sounds – bird songs, crunchy ground. Pick windy days, rainy days, icy ones to connect with an open energetic heart.

Nature responds in a million, magnetic ways. Notice a rhythm, a pattern in sound of waves, a swan, a feather, a blade of grass tickling toes, a butterfly, a sensation. No sweeter music than the calm silence in nature.


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