Dawn-time. Fascinated by the sun. Radiating from the sky, our star Sol is an unparalleled force of nature. Brilliant rays illuminate seasons, gift vital life force. Sol is sparkling, still mysterious. Unique names in cultures: Arinna in Mesopotamia, Yhi in Australia, Ra in Egypt, Apollo in Greece, Surya in India.

Our lives are blessed by beautiful vibrance of the sun. Determines cycles of our days. Re-appearance of the sun after a long stretch of night stimulates optimism. Invigorates. 

Sitting by the window at dawn, watching a slow sunrise is spectacular. A powerful symbol of hope, joy, growth, creativity. Early astronomers saw sun’s constancy as a signifier of great strength, resilience, energy. 

Today, woke up before dawn to watch sun’s awe-inspiring ascent. As it rose into view, imagined self ascending alongside it’s warmth, glow. 

The sun represents balance, beauty, belief. When we bask in the sun, our spirit soars…


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