Time in nature…

Peaceful, pristine moments in nature, lake-side. If our natural world could be packaged as pills, would fly off the shelves! Such are it’s proven physical, mental, emotional benefits. Luckily it can’t, because it’s meant to be free, to flow. 

Nature is an eternal source of energy, healing, inspiration, beauty, balance. Our natural home! Studies reveal 20 minutes in nature increases vitality, enthusiasm, zest for life. Reduces stress, anxiety. Refreshes, rejuvenates.  

Canadians took part in a 30-day challenge to spend 30 minutes each day in nature. Felt higher levels of happiness, well-being, positivity, productivity. Backpackers hiking in the wilderness for 5 days experience a 50% rise in creativity, insights, motivation. 

In a Korean study using brain imaging, people just looking at beautiful pictures of nature felt empathy, altruism, compassion. Boosted cognitive functioning, sensitivity as well. Patients with views of trees fare better in recovery than one’s with walls to view. 

Surely worth engaging with a natural setting, often. A simple walk in a park, in our gardens. Our natural world has a lot of value to offer.


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