A.I. for people & business…

A good book to understand A.I. Learn how to identify A.I. opportunities, develop, execute successful visions & strategies. Alex Castrounis examines value of A.I. to benefit both people & businesses.

A.I. For People & Business – Amazon
A.I. is exciting, powerful, game changing but too many A.I. initiatives end in failures. Book explores risks, considerations, trade-offs, constraints in adopting an A.I. initiative. Shares how to create synergised human experiences, greater business successes through win-win solutions, human-centered products, propositions.

  • Framework to conduct end-to-end, goal-driven innovation, value creation 
  • Define a goal-aligned A.I. plan for stakeholders, customers
  • Leverage A.I. successfully with scientific innovation, readiness, maturity
  • Understand importance of executive leadership for pursuing A.I. programs

An interesting, intriguing read…



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