Missing the mountains. Always capture intrigue, imagination, awe. Naturally pay respect to it’s glory, greatness. Seen from 1000’s of miles away. From the top, see beautiful, vibrant stretches of surrounding diversity. Both tranquil & tantalising.

Mountains symbolise vision, resilience, ability to rise above adjacent lands, see beyond immediate vicinity. To witness life from a fresh perspective. Cities, towns that seem so large, look so tiny from above. Visible in a single glance, a sense of proportion. Realise how much bigger our world is than sometimes, we remember it to be.

Even from a distance, mountains remind us of how small we are, which often comes as a wonderful, welcome relief. That it’s ok to feel a little vulnerable. As they rise up from earth, disappear in the clouds, simply ethereal. These limitless earthly giants give inspiration, remind of our humble place in the grand scheme of the universe.

Enigmatic energy at the top of a mountain is undeniably unique, enthralling. Calmer, lighter. Magical, misty blue glacial lakes are just heavenly. Flow to connect us with higher sources of understanding, faith, compassion. Always return feeling rejuvenated, more motivated with creative ideas, new energy. Wishing…


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