Email: Interviewed for a few jobs, no success. Feel like giving up. (US)

By way of inspiration! In 1901, a US bicycle mechanic, discouraged by a failed attempt at a manned flight said, ‘man will not fly for 50 years’. He was just off by 48! 

2 years later, Wilbur Wright watched brother Orville make mankind’s 1st successful flight. Propelled by failures. Fuelled with passion, perseverance, purpose. Those 12 seconds, 117 years ago, changed humanity’s frontiers forever.

After building, testing 3 full-sized gliders, Wright’s 1st powered airplane travelled 36 m (120 ft) in 12 seconds. Best flight of the day covered 255.5 m (852 ft) in 59 seconds. 

Believe. You never know, who you would inspire! All the best…


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