Email Q&A:

Q – (Philippines): What percentage of time do you give to the blog, emails?

A: Apologies, don’t keep a transactional record of giving. Blog’s a creative passion platform with an intent to make a little compassionate difference. 

Q – (Scotland): Are you a college teacher?

A: No, just a simple student in the school of life!

Q – (Japan): What helps you in the writing process, blogging style? 

A: Free flow, natural, non-critical journaling of ideas, thoughts, perspectives. Curiosity to learn, create, discover, explore.

Q – (Brazil): Most challenging thing for you re: blogging?

A: Striking a delicate, sensitive balance between writing for self expression & delivering value to audience. Creative authenticity, originality, vulnerability, self-motivation is key.

Q – (S. Africa): Latest blog statistics? No of visitors, views, comments?

A: No of views – 240,000 ; No of visitors – 115,000 ; No of comments – 19,000 ; No of posts – 4,115. A big thank you to all the visitors. Appreciated. Inspiring. Much to learn, a humbling experience. 






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