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Violence against women is a human rights violation. An unfortunate impact on victims, survivors, families, communities.

25% of women aged 15-50 years have experienced physical violence, sexual abuse. Rapid advance in technology provides a new avenue of cyber-violence. Data shows less than 40% of women who experience domestic violence seek help of any sort.

Existing crisis has worsened since COVID-19. Violence against women has increased. Safety, health, financial worries creates stress, strains. Accentuated by cramped, confined living conditions in lock-down. 

Domestic Violence & Abuse Hotlines

In France, cases of domestic violence have increased by 30% since lock-down. Helplines in Singapore report a call increase by 33%. In Argentina, emergency calls have risen by 25%. Similar sad stories worldwide.

Hope authorities allocate additional resources, include evidence-based measures to address violence against women in national response plans. Strengthen helplines, online counselling, tech-based solutions like mobile apps, social support networks for both men & women. An urgent need to build strong advocacy, awareness programs to sensitise our society. 



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