Step by step…

Dedicated to team leaders who asked for a view-point. Humble thoughts:

Frankly, these are unprecedented times. Though frequently, leaders find themselves managing strategic ambiguity. Market conditions shift rapidly, customers have choices, resources constrained, executives leave, searches drag on. 

Strategic uncertainty can feel like slogging through mud. An organization aligned? Tough challenge. We can only try to provide realistic direction. Lead with humility, empathy, excellent problem solving skills. Pragmatic actions, emotional steadiness tap into universal expertise, diverse talents.

Focus on what we can manage to deliver value each day. When strategy is uncertain – acknowledge what is unknown, what is known. Predict what is likely to happen, build scenarios. Intelligent plans for a visualised state based on empirical evidence, intuitive insights. 

Work with a distinct set of priorities, cautiously optimistic. Agile methods, discrete sprints. Which projects can teams execute in 30, 60, 90 days regardless of direction new strategies take? What if what we do alters? Learn as much as we can to stay flexible, informed. Leverage networks for context, clarity, creativity. Curiously anticipate questions teams will ask, prepare for effective guidance.

Emotional steadiness is key. Stay calm, balanced, transparent while painting a vision for a better future. Accept team emotions, share sentiments. Compassionately communicate with an open dialogue until a clear direction emerges.

Incredible value in critical thinking, planning. Inspiring minds are at digital fingertips. Interviews, webinars, training expand ideas, motivate self for innovative approaches.

Good luck…



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