Brightest supernova ever…

Astronomers have detected the brightest Supernova yet. Twice as bright as any seen before. So bright, explosion released 10’s of times the energy our Sun will produce in it’s entire lifetime! Event known as SN2016aps.

Mass of Supernova was between 50-100 times mass of the Sun.

Incredible explosion was possibly the result of 2 stars merging. Increase in energy is due to a different collision between Supernova & gas released by 1 or both stars, creating a ‘perfect storm’

SN2016aps contains another puzzle. Gas detected was mostly hydrogen, but such a massive star would usually have lost all hydrogen via stellar winds before it started pulsating? Estimated energy released of this Supernova is slightly higher than ASASSN-15lh, previous record holder for most powerful Supernova.

Unbelievable, unfathomable…



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