Pristine sunrise, peaceful sea-side stroll. Thoughts through the hourglass. We speak, write to express intentions, insights, imaginations, ideas, passions, pains, plans, purpose. Often, so busy trying to translate, communicate heart’s roar into language, miss the most profound experience our heart has to offer – silence.

Each poem, each song arises from silence, returns to it. When all the songs have been sung, soliloquies delivered, silence is what remains. As each wave rises & falls back into silence, trying to connect with the vast wisdom in still, soundless centers of the heart.

Sometimes, hearts feel noisy, tumultuous till sensitive ears tune into it’s silence. Seeing, hearing empty spaces that contain sound takes a little patience, practice! Sensations so ineffable, utterly real. Silence of the heart. Mindfulness. Flow.

9:00 AM – prepare for rough mundane, words should flow easier…




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