Tiger King…

International Fund for Animal Welfare says there’re 6,000-10,000 tigers living in cages in the US with no clear federal laws governing big cat ownership. It’s believed some tigers are slipping into illegal wildlife trade, trafficked across the US, China.

Only 4,000 tigers left in the wild. Tiger farms in China house 8,000-10,000 tigers along with farms in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos. Feed tiger parts into illegal wildlife trade. 

Many roadside zoos in Asia, US call selves non-profits to contribute to conservation. But, actually don’t. Just masquerade as rescue centers that don’t meet the criteria. In roadside zoos, tigers pace back & forth in small cages with dead, captive eyes.

Cubs are used for petting, photo opportunities. Pulled away from mothers as newborns. Later, abandoned, unhealthy, malnourished. Some disappear. Killed or sold as cubs or adults once they’ve outgrown usefulness.

Informative, poignant Netflix series on illegal big cat breeding, trade:

TIGER KING – Netflix

Tigers need true sanctuaries – wild, free & natural…





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