The Sun…

Dedicated to difficult messages re: Covid-19. There’ve been times our whole world seemed to fall apart, physical environments crumbled (wars, famines, floods). 

These are exactly the times we’re given a chance to check where we’ve established our sense of strength. While it’s perfectly natural to locate our sense of self in externals, anytime these factors shift is an opportunity to re-discover, move closer to our core.

Core of our being isn’t affected by winds of circumstances. As constant, consistent as the sun, which is why great mystics refer to the sun in ‘odes to self’. We know when the sun is behind clouds, sets for the night, it hasn’t disappeared. Simply temporarily out of sight. In the same way, our inner invincible core is always shining.

Can cling to hope, compassion, endurance during tough times. When normal lives begin to come back together, can once again lean on external systems, structures, styles, social. Always knowing there’s a bright sun in our core to balance any darkness.


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