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Email: A good tech business book recommendation? (Australia)

Hit Refresh – Amazon

A stimulating, inspiring read. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO tell’s an inside story of persistent development, tracing his journey from childhood to leading the most significant changes in our digital era. Offers a motivating vision for new waves of intelligent technologies.

Hit Refresh is about the individual & collective evolution in Microsoft, arrival of exciting technologies (artificial intelligence, quantum computing). Satya’s quest for energy, ideas, innovation & relevance. Incredible insights on stunning scientific leaps, how he simply learnt to lead along the way. Shares his meditations & mindfulness techniques, as well.

At the core of his success, there’s one essential quality ‘empathy‘. How Microsoft is re-discovering everything from culture to partnerships in fiercely competitive landscapes. Nadella introduces an equation to restore digital hope, ethical design principles & sustainable growth.

‘Ideas excite me’, Nadella. ‘Empathy grounds, centres me’. 



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