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Email: A good tech business book recommendation? (Australia)

Hit Refresh – Amazon

Simple, stimulating book. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO tell’s an inside story of continued development, tracing his journey from childhood to leading most significant changes in digital era. Offers vision for new waves of intelligent technologies.

Hit Refresh is about individual, collective evolution in Microsoft, arrival of exciting, disruptive technologies (artificial intelligence, quantum computing). A persistent quest for fresh energy, ideas, innovation, relevance.

Insights on stunning scientific leaps, how he learnt to lead along the way. Shares his meditations, unknown following brainy Bill Gates, energetic Steve Ballmer.

At it’s core, one essential quality ’empathy’. How Microsoft is re-discovering everything from culture to partnerships in fiercely competitive landscapes. Nadella introduces an equation to restore digital hope, ethical design principles, sustainable growth.

‘Ideas excite me’, Nadella. ‘Empathy grounds, centres me’. Series of recommendations as algorithms, an astute contemplation of what lies ahead. Wisdom from a conscientious, deliberative leader searching for purpose, improvement for self, company, society. 



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