Covid-19 guidelines…

As COVID-19 continues to wreck havoc, hospitals are ramping up support for critical life-saving work. Saddened by daily news. Fighting public health emergencies involves a sustained, patient public effort. We can do a number of simple things from home with a significant impact on efforts to overcome this pandemic.

Please follow public health guidanceWorld Health Organisation. The more we do to keep selves healthy, better positioned to weather this tough challenge. Wash hands frequently with soap & warm water for 20 seconds, clean surfaces regularly, cough into elbows, tissues to prevent spreading germs. Respect shelter-in-place, stay-at-home orders. Practice social distancing. Avoid non-essential travel, gatherings. Interact with phone calls, video chats where possible.

Compassionate support to vulnerable people working in healthcare services, vital sectors who aren’t able to stay indoors, work from home. With a highly contagious pathogen like COVID-19, small thoughtful steps can make a really big difference.

On behalf of families of healthcare workers, a humble request from a parent of a frontline NHS Medic working tirelessly with trauma cases to save lives. 


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