Wheels of nature…

A peaceful nature walk, pondered over virus challenge. Season of spring is a metaphor for unpredictability with beautiful transitional energy. Cold one day, hot the next. Winds, rain are hallmarks of spring. Sweep away debris of winter, clearing way for fresh fragrance, flowers. Rainbows follow on the heels of hail-storms. Sun emerges coaxing tight buds to finally soften, brightly blossom forth.

Reminded of teenage years, transient nature. Like surprising spring winds blowing out of nowhere, mood swings of teen years swept away dust, dried leaves of childhood. Playful in puddles of cloudy waters. Rain came fast, passed suddenly to make way for a vibrant afternoon.

As teenagers, shifted back & forth from the child we’d always known to a mysterious new entity, awareness things were sort of weirder. Confusing times brought exciting explorations, curious creativity, indulgent imaginations. Unfamiliar outbursts of nature, a natural trait of transition.

Regardless of what we do/don’t, transient times eventually settle with wheels of nature. Will find selves once again in the midst of a calmer, warmer season. Thoughts & prayers with ones affected anywhere in the world.


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