Smarter than you think…

Reading ‘Smarter Than You Think’.  It’s undeniable, technology is changing ways we think. Internet age has produced a radical new style of human intelligence, worthy of both celebration, analysis. Modern technology is making us smarter, better connected as individuals, society.
Thompson shows each technological innovation from written word to printing press has provoked our sensibilities. Sometimes, we panic life will never be the same. But, as always we adapt. There are experts, there are amateurs, a global set of gamers who took a puzzle that had baffled HIV scientists, solved it collaboratively in just 1 month.
Smarter Than You Think isn’t just about pioneers. It’s about everyday users of technology. How our digital tools – Google, Twitter, Facebook, smartphones are giving us new ways to learn, talk, share ideas. Harnesses latest discoveries in social sciences. Our thought patterns continue to evolve as newer tools enter our lives. Smarter Than You Think embraces an exciting vision of the present, future.

Smarter Than You Think – Amazon


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